Welcome Homies!
February 13, 2020
Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet where we can create more of a community and connect on a more personal level. 

When we first started traveling full time, Instagram and Facebook were a great way for us to connect with like minded folks. It gave us a place to ask questions and learn from others, but now it's become a dark hole where all our content gets lost in the masses. 

We are craving more of a connection with the people who are on this journey with us. A place to learn from each other and offer encouragement. And a place where we can share our next big adventure with all of you.

For those of you who don't know already, we just purchased land in southeastern Arizona. We will be creating our own little off-grid homestead. The land is empty. There is absolutely nothing there. No water, no power, no driveway. Just wide open land, but we have a plan. 

We are excited to begin this new adventure and to share it with all of you. You've been such a huge support to our family during our full-time travel years, and now we get to share this whole new adventure with you!

Beginning a homestead from the ground up is a huge endeavor. We'll continue living in our #tinyshinyhome while we work on building earthen structures and eventually our home. We want to document this entire process to share with others, but we need to create some revenue along the way to fund the dream.

If you've enjoyed following our family's journey, we'd love to have you become a #tinyshinyhomie by signing up for one of our monthly plans. Any plan you choose will greatly help us keep this content coming as well as give us a chance to get to know you better, too!

By joining our membership area, you'll be helping us create educational and fun content that we can share to help others wanting to do something similar. Every month that you support us you're literally helping our family purchase the tools we need to turn this barren land into a little oasis, and create content to share with all of you.

It's a big project, but with people like you, we can make this happen!


Tiny Shiny Home Crew

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